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~TwistedGirl | użytkownik

imię i nazwiskoSara adresSweden, Gävle zarejestrowany09.05.2007 @23:16:47 ostatnio na stronie28.01.2011 @16:35:34

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm from Gävle in Sweden. I'm so not artistic but I think it's fun even if it's not that great. I'm more into music, I guess... My friend (Rzezibrzuch) helped me to fix this profile. Please write comments in english so I can understand.

Im going to visit Poland 23th-30th august^^
Im back home again=( I wanna go back... Your country is beautiful and the people are nice^^

I dont put up pics that I think people are gonna like. I put up pics that I like. Thats why my ratings suck as hell, haha:P

My harddrive crashed complitley so all my work is gone...=((

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-Dargo    07.06.2007 @19:54:40
thx :D
~fsn    06.06.2007 @21:43:00
sorry your photo is a little plastic and not darkness
-Sapphiron    05.06.2007 @16:27:03
The pleasure is mine sweety
~Trolownia    04.06.2007 @23:47:48
Yes, I know Marcin. I'm his classmate
~ThirdMoon    04.06.2007 @16:16:29
Koleżanko jesli pojawi się jeszcze taka fota to dam ocenkę
~Feadin    04.06.2007 @13:30:39
Thanks for comment . And sorry for polish in comment of your last photo, (but I've corrected it already ) I hadn't seen your profile.
~Thomas29Needles    04.06.2007 @12:41:52
Great gallery...
-Dargo    03.06.2007 @16:23:43
-Dargo    03.06.2007 @16:17:21
No problem ask but if necessary I ask:
translator :D
-Dargo    03.06.2007 @16:12:47
masz Ciekawe fotki a więc będę obserwował życzę dalszych sukcesów :D
-Dargo    03.06.2007 @16:09:13
thx :D
~ALsMAGIK    02.06.2007 @23:03:04
thanks for comment , im afraid of clowns too but i love to draw them i love them and i hate them .... im an idiot ;p pozdrawiam ... ;]
~lenyn    31.05.2007 @18:19:39
ok. -bring the newspaper?
-SadSoul    29.05.2007 @17:16:56
~ALsMAGIK    23.05.2007 @23:08:52
it's a pleasure to comment your pics ........ ;p i'we got new sketches on my profile , zapraszam serdecznie ;] .... peace pozdrawiam ;]
ostatnio edytowane: 2007-05-23 23:09:20
+Tofiq    19.05.2007 @14:35:43
well. maybe it's nice but it's not too original A matter of taste..

yep, black/white could be better

~rule84    18.05.2007 @10:22:47
haha - if U wanna know my opinion bout the photo..
-it coulded b more sharp, i'd cropped it 2 about half of it's surface
(so Yr face would b the theme..). i'd try 2 use another place n type of lightening
n try 2 avoid 2 light plams.. i guess it was way 2 dark 2 make good photo only with hand..
BUT - complete picture Yr showing seems 2 try 2 tell sth - that's big advantage.
my opinion is also - U'd get rid of this ring.
~rule84    17.05.2007 @22:55:23
i don't know 4 sure but if U'd try to ask any of the moderators.. - who knows..
(i gues that even more than a half knows english..
- some of them declair 2 live in USA-CA..).
Yr latest upload is even interesting.. but i won't say it's good..
-not 2 me - but maby 4 some1.. - ??
~rule84    17.05.2007 @18:40:01
have U already found who's erased Yr photo?
~Rzezibrzuch    16.05.2007 @00:14:22
~rule84    15.05.2007 @20:16:38
well, well - making friends??
wanna translation?? (it isn't so bad as U might thought..).

i'm watching this OSYNLIGE..
-they gave him hat!!
n now what?? - is he gonna shot his head off or..??

~rule84    15.05.2007 @15:34:46
sorry 4 not writing - had bad day ystd. n..
damn - it seems 2 me i'd better try stuff like "learn yrslf swedish",
see more movies than i'm already having and maby then i'll try using it.
other reason is - i need 2 find a job n it seems preety hard 2 me
(especially when bad days r more like dailyness..).
congratulations - sweden is not only beauty..
-2 me it's a memory of gr8 time almostly every day.
when walking down the street people were greeting me n smiling
-you won't get it in poland..
anyway - thx 4 correcting me.
hope we're still in touch..
~Rzezibrzuch    14.05.2007 @21:43:05
~Rzezibrzuch    14.05.2007 @11:24:33
I love you!! have a nice day and take care... i will miss you till tommorow... kisses ;*
~rule84    13.05.2007 @18:41:59
polska ska(ll) ;] besta*r bara av c, z och w, inte!!
vi har ocksa* ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ś, ź, ż, cz, dz, dź, dż, rz, sz..
-vad tycker Du om det?!
kanske vetar Du vad menar "obficie dżdży"? ;]]
- kan Du sag det (fast? - dictionary) ;]]]
-jag hadde att kolla vad "skoj" mennar.. och nu jag vet inte..
-kommer Du att lara dig polskt, eller?
ja, jag vill Dig att ratta mig och jag tycker det grammatik ar viktig.
sa snallar jag Dig.. - ratta mig!
nu kommer jag att (fa*?) se en/ett (en?).

damn! - i really need 2 watch all n concentrate on hearing..
-it's hard 2.. use swedish when lots of wors is missing
(n when u've never knew a tenth part of what yr dictionary contains
-even with more comlicated grammar - english is hell easier..
-if u've c'n hundreds of movies, tv programmes etc. - i've never b'n to any english-language country).

tack for gill..-ning (??) mig de filmer!

i'd better bought en-sv/sv-en dictionary..

P.S. - det ar min forst ga*ng jag skriver svenska..
(at least it can put U into a good humor - probably it does.. ).


oh! do U accept (en) shortcuts that i use??
-i can quit it or try 2 make it even shorter..

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