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imię i nazwiskoSara adresSweden, Gävle zarejestrowany09.05.2007 @23:16:47 ostatnio na stronie28.01.2011 @16:35:34

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm from Gävle in Sweden. I'm so not artistic but I think it's fun even if it's not that great. I'm more into music, I guess... My friend (Rzezibrzuch) helped me to fix this profile. Please write comments in english so I can understand.

Im going to visit Poland 23th-30th august^^
Im back home again=( I wanna go back... Your country is beautiful and the people are nice^^

I dont put up pics that I think people are gonna like. I put up pics that I like. Thats why my ratings suck as hell, haha:P

My harddrive crashed complitley so all my work is gone...=((

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~Trolownia    07.09.2007 @21:58:21
oh, I saw you with marcin one day in krosno...but you were to far to see me and went to another way :P
~rule84    06.09.2007 @11:13:09
i don't really know what to write You..
-if You're asked a question abot Your feelings to Poland then i'd like to ask about Bulgaria.. -do You like it or?? -and why You like/don't like it??
(to me it -stiil- seems that it's some poor country far away where it's hard to live and even bad to stay.. -probably i'm totally wrong but i'd love to know Your opinion about the country, cities and naturaly about people that lives there)

~Trolownia    04.09.2007 @19:14:52
helo so... do you like Poland? How was here? :P
~rule84    01.09.2007 @20:16:57
congratulations or??
-well.. -gotta go now.. -till tomorrow or sth.
~rule84    31.08.2007 @22:51:13
hum.. -so what i've herd in Ystad it is true
-that Romania and Bul.aria are popular destination.. -probably other thins I've herd were also true.. -that youn. Swedes ets drunked there and in consequence bad thins happens to them..
(i hope Your .ine anyway..
all and all -i think that the monument shows "Brits vs. .ermans"

p.s. -i'm missin 2 letters 'cuz i'm out..
~Trolownia    23.08.2007 @00:22:46
I was there with my friend on summer camp and we can do windsurfing. I've never done this before. That was my first time... it was terrible. I've got a lot bruises and wounds but general... it was great I miss Italy very much !! I'm in krakow, now but tomorrow night I'm leaving...
~Trolownia    22.08.2007 @14:57:00
I've just came back from italy. My statement is good - poles are very stupid. Every foreigners I've met (italian, japanese, englishmen, ...) are very polite and outspoken. but poles.... oh.. My dream is living in england or Ireland... I hate poland...
~kaskar2    13.08.2007 @01:34:01
Thanks You
My english is not best, or I thinks about this yes

~Trolownia    07.08.2007 @20:02:00
some places in poland are beautiful but that is very backward country most people here are stupid. Hm, maybe this is only my opinion... krakow is great, I spent there few weeks on this holidays living with my friend.... but krosno... oh my god... terrible when you arrive?
~Trolownia    05.08.2007 @00:16:10
oh great, and you will see how terrible country is poland are you gonna live in Krosno with marcin?
~Trolownia    03.08.2007 @01:08:24
this moderator is dick :D
~Trolownia    02.08.2007 @00:32:06
why you throw away some digarts? what a pity...
-Dargo    02.07.2007 @07:25:37
~disarmonia    28.06.2007 @14:22:12
nevermind.. simply.. im wish i could have a such opportunity like you to see them live greetings from poland ; ) jester with u
You have to trust in yourself
You must believe in yourself
You have to follow your heart
You overcome, improve, endure!
~disarmonia    27.06.2007 @23:47:28
nope!.. they were only once in poland.. one year ago.. i wasnt old enaugh lets say.. for my mom.. ;d and that was abaout 450 km away from where i live.. so.. maybe next time im sure that in swe ... you can almost see them in every month .. in every middle populated city .. correct ?:D
You have to trust in yourself
You must believe in yourself
You have to follow your heart
You overcome, improve, endure!
~vamp    27.06.2007 @21:50:57
i think that if it is a photomanip and you have written by who photo was made by - u can :P
i hope you find me tasty.
~vamp    27.06.2007 @20:54:08
rules on digart say: you have to be a person who DID work, not a person who act on photo. And you can't break these rules.
ostatnio edytowane: 2007-06-27 20:54:39
i hope you find me tasty.
~disarmonia    27.06.2007 @20:08:27
ehehe.. i said.. you have my greetings..cuz' u r in flames fan ; )) like me swedish metal master ; )) rulezzz ; )
You have to trust in yourself
You must believe in yourself
You have to follow your heart
You overcome, improve, endure!
-Dargo    25.06.2007 @07:34:48
-Dargo    11.06.2007 @17:18:56
thx :D
~Trolownia    10.06.2007 @21:44:38
Thank you xD
~reSpo    10.06.2007 @11:17:59
sweden on digart cool, nice foto (b&w)
~ALsMAGIK    10.06.2007 @01:14:30
nie ma za co = no problem ;]
~TrAmPeQ    07.06.2007 @21:34:30
~TrAmPeQ    07.06.2007 @21:30:41
Lack of acuity on photo : )
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