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~TwistedGirl | użytkownik

imię i nazwiskoSara adresSweden, Gävle zarejestrowany09.05.2007 @23:16:47 ostatnio na stronie28.01.2011 @16:35:34

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm from Gävle in Sweden. I'm so not artistic but I think it's fun even if it's not that great. I'm more into music, I guess... My friend (Rzezibrzuch) helped me to fix this profile. Please write comments in english so I can understand.

Im going to visit Poland 23th-30th august^^
Im back home again=( I wanna go back... Your country is beautiful and the people are nice^^

I dont put up pics that I think people are gonna like. I put up pics that I like. Thats why my ratings suck as hell, haha:P

My harddrive crashed complitley so all my work is gone...=((

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~Dario2    02.10.2007 @14:04:07
thank you, very very
mam nadzieję, że śmierć nie zaczyna się już na początku miłości... B.Rosiek
~Peagata    27.09.2007 @23:00:10
Thank you
~Rzezibrzuch    27.09.2007 @00:19:18
dont be stupid... i didnt comment cuz i didnt felt like it... i need time... i dont know im still fucked after all this... sorry...
~olas3    26.09.2007 @16:26:51
I wrote that your photo is nice but too big. I was there this summer and you can see it in my gallery
~Rzezibrzuch    25.09.2007 @22:51:11
;/ u said u r workin al the time but you find time to log in to digart (without writin to me...) F.U.C.K.E.R.

+snoopy    25.09.2007 @15:25:29

You're affect by the ADHD or somethin' ? :D

BTW note that the swearing on this service is forbidden, without any exceptions - even if you doin' it in foreign language.

And what supposed to mean you were running ? I think it's good for you and your body, keepin' it in form :P


That's the way the cookies crumbles, and you always experiencing based on your mistakes and failures PS Is there very cold where u livin' ATM ? :D
ostatnio edytowane: 2007-09-25 15:43:03
~Rzezibrzuch    24.09.2007 @16:35:33
buehah... hey as i said... i was running... so it wasnt nice... u... fucker...
+snoopy    24.09.2007 @11:20:58
Thanks for your comment, I found your profile really nice place apart that two last comments below also something interesting is in your profile photo

Also as someone already said that - backups are invention of technology that can make your live easier and sometimes save lots of nerves and time as well Once a 3-4 months try to burn some CD/DVD with your stuff - losing my data twice - I'm saying that as a experienced man.

Speak to you soon - take care, regards - Pete.
~Rzezibrzuch    24.09.2007 @00:40:11
fuck the people... its almost 1 o'clock and im still running around like an idiot... im thinkin about jumpin off the balcony... FUCKER
~Rzezibrzuch    23.09.2007 @23:23:50
i hate you wicked fuckin twisted fuck! AARRRGGGHHH!!! what have you done to me??! I WILL RUN... I WONT LET YOU WIN... fucker... ;/
~jakubrodziewicz    23.09.2007 @00:05:23
Didn't know it
~bagieta    23.09.2007 @00:00:41
next time i'll take a dictionary. i promice. good night.
Skoro martwi się nie żywią, to dlaczego żywi się martwią?
~kingamakowska    22.09.2007 @23:36:30
it's ok, though i don't think it's proper to be submitted here - digart is bit more art than dig, and i suppose your photo is gonna be deleted soon (most presumably because of poor quality) still, i find it kinda cute & amusing, so keep smilin & have a nice evening, sweden girl
~bagieta    22.09.2007 @23:35:04
ups. but i don't know how to say that in english. :D
Skoro martwi się nie żywią, to dlaczego żywi się martwią?
~Michauek    22.09.2007 @23:34:11
O sorry. Didn't know it I just put another commets in english
~wojtekga    22.09.2007 @23:34:08
many thank's and nice night !
~kingamakowska    22.09.2007 @23:31:03
oh, then: i find your photo rather amusing because of the funny face of the model
~wojtekga    22.09.2007 @23:30:35
... welcome ...
-Dargo    19.09.2007 @19:21:54
thx :D
~jhenel    18.09.2007 @00:39:08
Thank you very much, Sara
Miej oczy szeroko otwarte. Piękno jest wszędzie
~Longos    18.09.2007 @00:29:14
So make backups (About your damaged HDD)
Serdecznie zapraszam do komentowania zdjęć w mojej galerii !
~ALsMAGIK    14.09.2007 @17:30:05
no youre not ;p
~ALsMAGIK    12.09.2007 @06:56:05
no in london ;p
~Trolownia    11.09.2007 @19:30:40
um.. well near to marcin's flat :D
~Trolownia    09.09.2007 @22:09:41
hm... you were near "kwadraciak" do you know what I mean?
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